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Safety Message: JHA

New Braunfels, TX, October 26, 2022

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JHA stands for Job Hazard Assessment. The intent of a JHA is to identify hazards for the days scope of work and find solutions to mitigate or control those hazards as a group. As part of this safety message, we would like to discuss three reminders to aid in properly executing a JHA while on site…

  1. Complete a JHA at the beginning of each workday and/or job.

It is important to remember that the JHA is a tool aimed at assessing hazards and establishing means to mitigate those hazards. The JHA must be completed at the beginning of each workday and/or the beginning of every job. When used properly, the JHA can make a huge difference not only when it comes to safety but can also be used to help a crew get organized. It can also be beneficial when identifying the equipment needed to get the job done for the day, serve as a nice reminder to hang up your safety sign, or perform a pre-use inspection on your fall protection equipment prior to working at height.

  1. Identify all hazards and perform safety inspections

While completing the JHA we must take the time to identify all the hazards associated with the scope of work, site terrain, the area surrounding the site, and weather conditions. This may also include the use of a third party for crane or drilling service. Simply putting “Slips, Trips, and Falls” on the JHA does not suffice as properly identifying all of the risks. It is also important to remember to inspect all equipment such as: ropes and rigging, tower harnesses including positioning and fall arrest lanyards, as well as tools and equipment. Keep in mind that any modification to a tool, piece of equipment, or piece of safety equipment, whether intentional or not, automatically red tags the item meaning it has to be taken out of service unless it is approved by the manufacturer. 

  1. Ensure all personnel on site review and sign the JHA.

After identifying all of the hazards associated with the scope of work, you must gather all personnel on site and review job tasks or scope of work to be completed that day, potential hazards, preventative measures, evacuation route, and each team member’s roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Every teammate and visitor must review and sign the JHA before being allowed to enter the job site. In the event the scope of work or site conditions change, you must stop work, revise the JHA, and review it with the team before returning to work.

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